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stainless steel manufacturing

tshingshan is focusing on stainless steel production while exploring in the new energy sector. aiming to make a change and to improve the living quality through stainless steel, tsingshan takes ideas into action for the green and sustainable future of mankind.

over the past thirty years, with strong supports and cooperation from all aspects, tsingshan has refined its production process and expanded its field in the industry. considering that its industrial capacity of crude stainless-steel and nickel metal has reached up to 10 million tons and 300k tons respectively, it plays a certain role in the industry.

“development driven by innovation, excellence promoted by dedication", tsingshan has business in the upstream, midstream, and downstream areas of stainless-steel industry by refining its production process and expanding its business. its production bases spread over fujian, guangdong and zhejiang. to integrate the global resources, the company also makes great efforts in indonesia, india, zimbabwe, and the united states.

tsingshan is committed to producing the high-quality, low-cost, energy-saving, and environmental-friendly stainless steel in the efforts for the safer and more low-carbon, convenient, comfortable, and healthy life of mankind. tsingshan puts people first and values mutually beneficiary cooperation and is willing to join hands with like-minded friends in the world to make our dreams come true, and thus contributing to the society!

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