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ecological environmental protection

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ecological environmental protection

harmless nature means endless treasure.
tsingshan also implements the idea of sustainable development in every project construction and daily management of every plant. with high standards, we will fulfill our responsibility in environmental protection and energy saving.

  • rkef aod process

    tsingshan established the world’s first fully integrated rkef-aod hot charging stainless-steel production line, which significantly reduces the energy consumption and the impact of emissions on the environment.

  • energy saving and emission reduction

    in indonesia, we initiated a new industry model of setting up mills near nickel mines, which reduces energy consumption in sea freight, amounting to at least 950 million kilowatt-hours of electricity annually. as for the mined area, tsingshan rehabilitates the areas. in the production process, we maximize energy conversion rate and spent hundreds of million usd to construct laterite nickel ore belt conveyor, desulfurization tower, wastewater treatment and other facilities during its production and operation.

  • stainless steel scrap recycling

    for many years, tsingshan has recycled tens of millions tons of stainless steel scrap and implemented the concept of recycling economy in every procedure.