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tsingshan industy achieves its fifth consecutive ranking in the fortune global 500

time:2023 08 02


on august 2, the 2023 fortune global 500 list was officially released, and tsingshan industy was ranked 257th on the list. this marks the fifth consecutive year that tsingshan industy has made it to the prestigious rankings since its debut in 2019.



tsingshan’s success and achievements are attributed to the remarkable era and the great nation it operates in. the company is acutely aware of its social responsibilities and its role as a responsible corporate citizen. tsingshan industy has been unwavering in its commitment to industrial development, leading the stainless steel industry, securing strategic resources such as nickel and lithium, generating substantial employment, and actively promoting philanthropic and educational endeavors. the company steadfastly adheres to the development philosophy of “serving the nation through industry,” contributing a significant force for the betterment of society.

in 2022, despite the challenging global economic landscape marked by the impact of the pandemic, geopolitical tensions, the russia-ukraine conflict, and u.s. interest rate hikes, tsingshan industy accelerated its development efforts. the company made steady progress in its overseas projects, responded proactively to the demands of its domestic production facilities, and achieved numerous successes in the field of new energy. as a result, the company’s sales revenue in 2022 reached 368 billion chinese yuan.

tsingshan industy’s fifth consecutive appearance on the fortune global 500 list underscores its rapid growth and enhanced overall competitiveness. with these well-deserved accolades, tsingshan industy will continue to focus on innovation and remain committed to progress through daring and determined action in the future.